The founder of the Pamela Iweze Kingdom Children Foundation, Pamela Iweze recently
visited the Isheagu Primary school in Isheagwu, Delta State, Nigeria, to deliver much-
needed education materials and motivate the children of the school. The visit was a
resounding success, with the children left inspired and equipped with the tools they
need to excel in their education.
The children and their teachers were excited to see the Founder, Ms Pamela, who is a
proud daughter of the village. Her and her team were welcomed with local songs and
traditional dance. The founder was impressed by the enthusiasm of the children and
took time to interact with them, asking about their aspirations and goals in life. She
encouraged them to dream big and assured them that with hard work and dedication,
they could achieve anything they set their minds to.
After the interaction, the founder distributed education materials, including textbooks,
writing materials, and stationery to the children. The children were excited to receive the
items, and many of them expressed their gratitude to the founder and her team. The
founder also took time to explain how to use the materials, ensuring that the children
understood their importance and how they could help improve their learning outcomes.
The founder then proceeded to deliver a motivational talk to the children. She shared
her life story, highlighting how she overcame various challenges to become successful.
She emphasized the importance of education in achieving success and encouraged the
children to take their studies seriously. The children listened intently, and many of them
were left inspired to work harder in school.

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