About Pamela Iweze

Out of the exceeding passion to impact the lives of children Pamela Iweze Kingdom Children  Foundation (PIKCF) was birthed. The Pamela Iweze Kingdom Children  foundation is a faith based charity set up to promote and raise children in an atmosphere filled with love, care and purposeful affection.

Pamela the Founder who once found herself faced in a tough situation as a working mum is passionate about the cause which she drives.


Blessed with two children who are her biggest motivation, she is promoting her passion by encouraging children to live a purposeful life which will allow them to realise their potential and be confident in their ability to achieve and help shape their future. This passion and the belief in the important role of the family in a child’s life led her to start her first blog called Matters of the Hearts (MOTH) which focused on children and the family .Pamela has always found herself surrounded by children, actively encouraging them, she loves engaging children whilst silently mentoring them and this discovered joy led her to volunteering in supporting children in her local community, also offering tutoring classes to primary school children within her home where she supported the children with their homework and also in the process mentored them.

An active parent in her children’s school. Pamela believes that ”Children are our greatest treasure: They are our future, our hope for a better tomorrow which we must help build and protect collectively”!. An advocate for children, this beliefs and passion  has  led her back to school where she is currently studying for a BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies with a vision to help shape and change young lives.

The Pamela Iweze Kingdom Children  foundation is a non for profit Children’s Charity and its sole objective is to provide interventions that support society in raising children to become better citizens of the country.