About Pamela Iweze

The Pamela Iweze Kingdom Children Foundation PIKCF was founded in 2018 for child advocacy, discovering and nurturing the talents of children, promoting family values, welfare and early childhood education. The Pamela Foundation is a not-for-profit charity set up to promote and raise children in an atmosphere filled with love, care and purposeful affection. It was inspired by the genuine love and passion for children Pamela Iweze, a mother of two lovely children. The Foundation aims to ensure no child is left behind regardless of race, religion, culture and circumstances. We believe we can overcome barriers that prevent children from fulfilling their potential no matter their family background, religion, race and gender.
At PIKCF, we have been involved in advocacy and awareness projects centred around health and hygiene in local communities for five years. We have organized events and collaborated with local community development associations CDA and the Nigeria Army via its command secondary schools in Ojo Military Cantonment. In 2019, we organized a Dental hygiene program on children’s day to educate and enlighten the students on oral hygiene. Over 350 students attended and benefited from the lecture. In 2021, in conjunction with the Nigeria Army, we engaged over 700 secondary school girls from Command Secondary in a menstrual hygiene programme tagged Pad a Girl Child. The girls were enlightened on the importance of genital care and menstrual hygiene. Last year, we teamed up with the CDAs in the Agbado Oke Odo Local Community Development area in Lagos. This time, we organized a health outreach and awareness program to sensitize people on the chronic disease called Diabetes and the steps to take to manage it.

This year we will mark our fifth anniversary. As part of the activities to celebrate our fifth-year milestone, we want to change the narrative on Diabetes Mellitus. We want to organize a WALK/RUN FOR DIABETES. We understand the significance of sport as a vehicle for social change and development in any society. We hope to get the eyes of everyone local and international to participate and contribute to this event for greater impact.
Our goal this year as a foundation is to strive for greater impact and significance through strategic collaboration and partnership. To this end, we have put plans in place to collaborate with the International Diabetes Federation IDF, Diabetes Association of Nigeria DAN, Endocrine and Metabolism Society of Nigeria EMSON and Novo Nordisk


Pamela Iweze was born in 1980 in Lagos into a family of seven. She is a proud mother of two lovely children.

Her father, Cyril Iweze, a Major General in the Nigerian Army served in different parts of Nigeria. Her father’s military assignments across the country provided opportunities for Pamela and her siblings to experience the different parts of Nigeria and its rich culture. She had her primary and secondary education side by side the education of knowing most of the country at an early age. 

She obtained her LLB in law at the University of Ado – Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria. She worked briefly in administrative roles in Nigeria before moving to the United Kingdom. In the United Kingdom, her love for children and education took her to the prestigious University of East London. There, she graduated with a 2:1 degree in Early Childhood Studies. 


In the UK, she worked in the private sector before moving to the public sector. She worked as an Executive Assistant in multinational organisations such as Mckinsey, Barclays and Deutsche bank. 

In the public sector, she worked in Action for Children, Cancer Research UK and the Health Sector. She provided excellent support to Children and the Elderly in these organisations. She did this excellently at National Health Service NHS. 

Over the years she has attained several leadership positions where she developed capacity in leadership and management. She is a Community Health Care Professional that is passionate about Health Care Support. She is also passionate about teaching and Early Childhood learning. 

She has put this passion into so many volunteer activities like the Magpie Project, New-Addington Volunteers and PTA Chairperson for two years at the Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School in London. For the Magpie Project, she volunteered as a Playgroup Helper alongside other professionals supporting and encouraging learning through play and teaching. 

In her capacity as PTA Chairperson at the Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School, she worked with teachers and planning Heads of committees to create fun projects with the sole intent to raise funds to support school projects. She worked with heads of units and teachers to coordinate volunteer assignments to support students and teachers as well as coordinate volunteer assignments. She also collaborated with other board members of the PTA to assess and identify how parents/guardians and community members can get involved as volunteers to support the efforts of schools at raising future leaders of the community.

Pamela believes that no one is born a change-maker. It’s something you become when you see a problem, and then dare to become part of the solution. According to her, this is how change happens. With bravery, hope, commitment—and the knowledge that progress only comes when we become the solution.